I am probably one of your staunchest believers. It is just a fantastic tool for the one plane swing to build up a sense of turning the hips and core to generate power.

It is the best device I have ever seen to develop a correct feel for sequencing the hips and core to whip the arms and club rather than using effort in the arms to try to whip the club. I'm a true believer in this.
Jim Hardy
2007 PGA National Teacher of the Year
I wanted to take this time to say how much my students have enjoyed using the Orange Whip during their lessons this season. Having them warm up with the progressive length Whips helps them to be fully mobile when the lesson begins and ensures that we'll have a full range of motion during the time we are together. Secondly, when their tempo gets too radical during the lesson I'll have them make a few swings with the Whip just to slow them down and get them back in the groove.
Tom F. Stickney II
Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers
I ABSOLUTELY love the Orange Whip Trainer! It has allowed students to feel a golf swing motion rather than a hit position, allowed for smoother and more efficient warming up, helps students create lag in the start of the forward swing, helps students understand the proper sequence of the golf swing unwinding from the bottom up and has been a great topic of discussion in the golf shop as customers pass ask what the orange ball on the stick is! There are a lot of training tools out in the industry and the Orange Whip Trainer is one of my top 5 favorites!
Nicole Weller

I Love my orange whip and am creating quite a stir whenever I use it on the range. I will be taking it to all of our LPGA Clinics so the orders should be escalating!
Jane Blalock

I believe your products are the ONLY products that work on the market. Been playing for about 15 years and always looking for items to improve my game but your products are the BEST.”
Mark Reader

I have long struggled with the notion of "hitting the ball" versus "swinging the club". The Orange Whip helps tremendously in correcting this since if you try to hit with it, it doesn't respond well. When swinging, the Orange Whip turns me into a human pendulum. It aids with establishing a rythmic, consistent swing.
Steve D

After working the Orange Whip for a short time, it became clear that it would help. I like the concept of learning the motion rather than trying to get the club in certain positions.
Roy McSpadden
With the device you'll experience a smoother rhythm with your swing and more lag on the downswing that you probably have ever experienced with a club in your hand. And if you can transfer that sensation over when hitting balls with a golf club, you will surely see a difference.
Joe Laurentino

Two weeks ago I bought the Orange Whip Trainer at Golfsmith, largely because of your money back guarantee. I now realize that your guarantee is completely bogus ... I can't get my money back BECAUSE THIS THING WORKS LIKE NOTHING ELSE!!!!

I can have several sessions every day and my game is showing incredible improvement.

It's an incredible tool. It really changes your game. I appreciate the Orange Whip Trainer more than I can say! Thanks so very much!
Mark Roberts

I swung it in the yard, then took it to the course with me today and swung it before playing. What a difference in my swing. I immediately realized (even though I've been playing for years) that I was trying to "hit" the ball instead of swinging through it.

I have bought just about every kind of game improvement device available over the years and without a doubt the Orange Whip is the best I have ever seen. I saw instant improvement in my ball striking and shot 38 on the first 9 holes I played after warming up with it. I'm a 13 handicap so that was pretty good for me.

I would unconditionally recommend the Orange Whip to anyone who wants to play better.

It's a great invention! Thanks for showing me the way to a better game.
Bob McLain
Before a round of golf this past weekend I used a friend’s Orange Whip for just five minutes. I was amazed at the increase in swing speed I was able to create. I went on to shoot 74. My clubs felt like feathers in my hand.
Donnie Thomas
Golfweek Amateur Tour

"In The Bag"
Photos of golf bags containing the Orange Whip Trainer

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